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Exhaled Breath Condensate Collector

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RTube™ products also available through Fisher Scientific.


End Tidal Air Collector for Volatile Organic Compounds


Exhaled Breath Condensate Collector for Intubated Patient Use

Exhaled Biomarker Collection and Analysis

We know breath research. Our RTube product line has been used over 200,000 times to capture exhaled biomarkers in academic, pharmaceutical, and government research studies since 2001. No other company has continuously supported the breath research community as long as we have, and we are very proud to have earned the trust of researchers worldwide. From product innovation to protocol development to logistical support, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the best possible study results.



Exhaled Breath Condensate Collector
Disposable hand-held breath condensate collector for use any time, any where.



End Tidal Air Collector for Volatile Organic Compounds.
Disposable single-breath collector selectively captures the last 65 ml of exhalate.



Exhaled Breath Condensate Collector for Intubated Patient Use.
Disposable breath condensate collector for in-line use in ventilator expiratory limb.



Biomarker Analysis and Lab Services.
Equip your lab with the latest technology or utilize our mail-in laboratory service.

Starter Kits

Get preliminary data for your grant application quickly and inexpensively with these all-inclusive Starter Kits.

Planning a Clinical Study?

We can help with study methods development, protocol writing and review, and logistics planning.

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FDA Commentary on Biomarker Qualification

Breath Biomarkers Breath biomarkers are just now entering mainstream consideration as selection markers and outcome variables for pharmaceutical clinical trials.  This is due to the recent explosion of low-cost, high-sensitivity analytical tools creating opportunities...

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