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About Respiratory Research

Breath science is rapidly growing — and we are growing with it

Advances in analytical chemistry have accelerated the pace of exhaled biomarker research. New breath diagnostics targeting cancer, asthma, infections, and other conditions are rapidly emerging and changing the diagnostic paradigm. We have added several new products to the RTube family to best serve your evolving needs. Contact us for the most up-to-date information on new products and emerging research techniques. We are ready to help!

Respiratory Research, Inc. was founded in 2000 by researchers from the University of Virginia Charlottesville as a means of providing their studies with the tools needed to properly collect and analyze exhaled biomarkers. Since then, the company has relocated to Austin, Texas and become the worldwide standard provider of breath collection and analysis devices with distribution centers in the US, China, UK, Italy, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and South Korea. All our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturing is performed in a ISO-9001 certified clean room facility to the highest standards to ensure reliable performance and best study results.

We always remember where we came from, and our mission continues to be helping the research community advance breath science effectively, safely, and practically.


A. Rafi Baddour, P.E.
General Manager

Mr. Baddour currently serves as General Manager of Respiratory Research. He manages all day-to-day activities including Sales, Support, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, and Regulatory. He is widely seen as a subject matter expert in exhaled biomarker research. Prior to joining Respiratory Research he professionally managed product groups in both large and small companies including Dell and continues to support several Life Sciences startups. Mr. Baddour earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and holds patents in several fields including breath collection devices for biomarker analysis. His current focus is building partnerships with companies providing best-in-class analytical instruments and optimizing these devices to serve the unique needs of the breath research community. (more)

Mr. Baddour can be contacted directly at

John W. Vaughan

Mr. Vaughan fills several supporting roles with Respiratory Research leveraging his detailed knowledge of the respiratory therapeutic and diagnostics markets. As Secretary, he works closely with Mr. Baddour to ensure all Board-level actions are properly executed. He also supports the Business Development activities of the Company by lending his Sales and Marketing experience as an advisor. In his prior role as Managing Director of Respiratory Research, Inc. from 2001 to 2005, Mr. Vaughan drove all sales and marketing activities as well as special projects. Prior to this Mr. Vaughan was a member of a research team at the University of Virginia and is a contributing author on several peer-reviewed publications in the field of exhaled biomarkers. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

Linda Heintz

Ms. Heintz currently manages all financial and federal/state compliance activities of the Company. Soon upon joining the Company in 2001 Ms. Heintz restructured its accounts, reporting processes, and financial management to achieve full compliance and approval as a US federal contractor. She continues to lead several major cost control activities as well as managing the day-to-day accounting including payroll, procurement, and tax. Her prior experience includes several years in public accounting as a Tax Specialist at KPMG as well as part-time roles in both non-profits and a private accounting practice. Ms. Heintz is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and a licensed CPA in Texas.

Advisory Board

Benjamin M. Gaston, M.D.
Scientific Advisory Board Member and Co-Founder

Dr. Gaston currently serves as Chief, Division of Pediatric Pulmonary, Allergy and Immunology and Professor of Pediatric Medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Gaston’s laboratory studies cysteine modifications downstream of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activation. These are relevant to cystic fibrosis (CF), asthma, pulmonary arterial hypertension and apnea. Dr. Gaston has nearly two decades’ experience with S-nitrosothiol assays, and state-of-the-art technology for detecting cysteine modifications downstream of NOS activation. He also has extensive experience studying NOS in cell and molecular biology. He holds several patents in the field and has authored over 100 publications. (more)

Edward G. Brooks, M.D.
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Brooks currently serves as Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Brooks is Board Certified in Allergy and Immunology and has authored over 50 publications. His laboratory studies the interaction of environmental agents with inflammatory reactions in respiratory mucosa as it pertains to mechanisms of environmental allergy and asthma. Dr. Brooks has conducted a number of clinical and clinical research efforts to define the mechanisms of asthma and to improve the treatment of children with asthma. Dr. Brooks conducts a specialty clinic for children with asthma and is developing measures of oxidative stress in asthma using exhaled breath condensates in acute asthma and asthma associated with infectious diseases. (more)

Michael D. Davis, RRT
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Mr. Davis is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Project Director of Exhaled Breath Research at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing, and a doctoral candidate in Physiology and Biophysics at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a leading expert in breath research techniques with uniquely deep experience in studies of mechanically ventilated patients. Mr. Davis regularly presents seminars, continuing education, and is a first author on several journal articles as well as a contributing textbook author. He sits on the Breath Analysis Task Force of the International Association of Breath Researchers focusing on the development of breath collection and analysis standards. Previous roles include Senior Research Respiratory Therapist, Project Director, and Research Coordinator in Pediatric Respiratory Medicine at the University of Virginia.

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