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Low-Cost Portable Tandem Mass Spectrometer Product Preview

Portable Mass SpectrometerWorks with the RTubeVOC™ End Tidal Air Collector to accurately measure Volatile Organic Compounds in alveolar air:

  • 15 – 625 Da Range
  • < 0.5 Da FWHM Resolution
  • <50 Parts Per Trillion Sensitivity with preconcentrator
  • MS1, MS2 & MS3 Capable
  • < 2-Second Analysis Time
  • Self Contained-No Gasses
  • Rapid Self-Cleaning
  • Ruggedized For Field Use

Simplified Breath VOC Analysis Using a Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with Disposable End Tidal Air Collector

Point-of-care analysis of VOC’s in breath is now made simple, easy, and avoids all sample stability issues related to storage. The disposable RTubeVOC End Tidal Air Collector automatically traps the last portion of a single breath and provides a seamless method of introducing this neat sample into the Portable Mass Spectrometer. This low-cost tandem mass spectrometer is ideal for point-of-care studies where the target compounds are known. With our new short-term lease program, a small 25-collection turnkey pilot study can be completed for less than $5,000. Our team of PhD Analytical Chemists are available for consultation, and if requested, can perform the analyses for you via our unique cloud-based remote control capability. This is a great way for clinical researchers with limited access to mass spec expertise to gather solid preliminary data for grant applications. This same solution will scale with your larger studies and allow unprecedented mobility, simplicity, and flexibility for your research team.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

Laboratory Services

We offer laboratory services and expertise for measuring specific biomarkers in the condensate matrix, as well as general consulting and training services.

The analytical expertise of the Breath Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University spans numerous biomarkers in Exhaled Breath Condensate, breath gas, and other body fluids. We’ll be glad to introduce you to their team and also encourage you to contact them directly.

Customizeable Measurement Platform and ALFA Monitor

ALFA Monitor shown connected to exhaust port of Maquet® Servo i ventilator

ALFA Monitor shown connected to exhaust port of
Maquet® Servo i ventilator

Our customizable PC-based measurement platform was developed in-house to provide custom hardware and Windows® software for the measurement of specific biomarkers in condensate. We can modify this platform upon request to measure and display virtually any parameter. Applications include our ALFA Airway Lining Fluid Acidity Monitor used to non-invasively measure and record trending airway acidity in mechanically-ventilated patients.

The ALFA Monitor is a research tool that non-invasively collects Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC) from mechanically ventilated patients for biomarker analysis. The ALFA Monitor continuously condenses exhalate from the ventilator, gas-standardizes the condensate to remove dissolved carbon dioxide, measures and records the pH in a strip chart format, and stores the condensate in a disposable removable trap for subsequent laboratory analysis.  ALFA displays a moving average of EBC pH for as long as the subjects remains on the ventilator allowing real-time monitoring of the patient’s airway acid-base status in addition to providing specimens for laboratory analysis.

Alfa Updated

The front door of the ALFA Monitor covers the Condenser/Deaerator Unit. The Exhalate Intake Hose, pH Probe, Oxygen Hose, and Condensate Container all connect to this core unit. Under normal operation, this hard-anodized aluminum unit is chilled by a thermoelectric cooler mounted directly behind the Condenser. This chills the Condenser to approximately 4 degrees C and the temperature is held constant by a microprocessor-based controller.   As warm, humid exhalate enters the condenser, contact with its cool walls causes vapors to condense and suspended particles and aerosols (including acids) to be captured. These form droplets and fall into the bi-level gas-standardization chamber.

Condensation, Deaeration, and Measurment Module

Condensation, Deaeration, and Measurement Module

In the gas-standardizing chamber, wall oxygen is bubbled through the condensate in two staged pools. This is key to ensuring consistent gas- standardized pH measurements, and also enables a “First-In-First-Out” measurement strategy. Carbonic acid is removed from the condensate during this process thereby eliminating the noise otherwise provided by CO2. The gas-standardized condensate then flows past a Ross-type pH probe where the pH is measured. This specific probe type is vital due to its low drift over time and sensitivity in low ionic-strength fluids. The condensate then drains into a storage container (which can be kept chilled) for transport to the lab and measurement of other biomarkers as desired.

Many different types of measurements and analyses can be performed with this system, including real-time application of complex statistical algorithms.  Contact us with your specific interest.  We’ll be glad to provide a quotation for a customized device meeting your exact research needs.


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